For further details on printing with covers in the booklet printing settings, refer to Booklet Printing on page When used with duplex printing, the enlarged gutter lines up evenly on both sides of the sheet. For comparison, the page also includes other text contrast options. The document starts printing on the second page. Job accounting and User login can not be used at the same time.

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Copystar CS-2550 Manuals

Availability of some printing options depends on the selected PDL. Depending upon the model, available devices include finishers, paper feeders, side feeders, high-capacity feeders, hard disk copydtar RAM disk, tandem unit, booklet stitcher, and duplex unit. Kyocera has a vision to continuously deliver through its employees who are committed to work enthusiastically and are determined to achieve their goals.

For custom paper, supply the paper using the universal adjustable paper cassette or the MP tray.

You can print up copydtar copies. When this option is selected, the odd pages are printed and then a message shown below appears telling the user to flip the printed pages over and re-insert them in the cassette or tray of the printing system. Your settings are identified in the Current selection box bordered in black.

The Print dialog box appears. Copstar must order the print job so that after the first half of the print job has been printed, the job can be flipped over and fed from the cassette for the second side printing.


Kyocera CopyStar CS MultiFunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Scanner, Fax)

First page only The watermark prints only on the first page of the document. KX Driver Imaging Color Correction Option Description None application corrected Processes the color data without applying the adjustments contained in the printing system’s internal color look-up tables. Two pages are printed on each side of a sheet to create a document that can be read like a book. The proof sheet shows all poster pages on one sheet with markings that show how to assemble the sheets.

Manual Duplex is not available when copystwr of the options in the Publishing tab are used. Print speeds will be faster because of the optimization features in this setting. Verify login user name for copysstar login user The name entered is added to the list, and copytsar the printer driver does not prompt for a user name and password.

If the check box for Outline text is cleared the standard printing optionthe text is the darkest, 25500 visible part of the photocopy. Gutter Click Gutter to increase the outside margins in a range from 5.

Labels, transparencies, and envelopes must be printed using the MP tray. Select 5 x 5 to print a poster 25 times larger than the original. The properties boxes described here may differ from those for your printing system and are dependent on what optional devices are installed.

The Page Sizes dialog box appears. User Settings The following user information can be configured by selecting User in the Device Settings tab.


Kyocera CopyStar CS-2550 MultiFunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Scanner, Fax)

The Finishing tab is available for models that support optional finishing devices such as Multi finisher or Booklet stitcher. Copyystar a tray becomes full, the printing system pauses and shows a message to remove the paper from the tray. End of the print job The command file is inserted as the last page of the print job, which prints after the last page of the document. Places the center of the watermark text in the center of the page.

Press the Edit Box key and then on the next screen press the Add key. An access code can also be used with the Job storage feature.

Copystar CS Manuals

You can also type values in the boxes. Display box number list If you select this option, at print time the driver opens a dialog box with a list of Custom boxes to choose from. The name can be up to 31 characters, the description can be up to characters. Setting Initial Copy Modes Basic Printing 1 Insert the proper paper size such as A4 into the printing system’s paper cassette or MP tray. Unassigned The selected command file is not inserted into the print job.